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With many years experience, Electric Gates Birmingham are your local experts when it comes to all types of automatic gates.

We serve our clients all across Birmingham and the West Midlands! We cover Coventry, Nuneaton, Dudley, West Bromwich, Oldbury, Solihul, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Stourbridge and everywhere in between!



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We install, maintain and repair all types of commercial electric gates for our customers in and around Birmingham.

Residential Electric Gates Birmingham

Swing gates, sliding gates, residential driveway gates, we do all types of electric gate for our residential customers.

Our gate engineers are experts at what they do, we will have your electric gates back up and working in no time.

Electric Gate Servicing

Routine maintenance is so important to ensuring the safety and functionality of your electric gates. Give us a call today to schedule in a maintenance visit.

Why Choose Us

At Electric Gates Birmingham, we offer a wide selection of Electric Gates designs. These gates are perfect for adding security and convenience to homes and businesses. Our automated gates make sure your home or business is safe with the latest and strongest technology. We always focus on quality and making our customers happy with the best security solutions and gate services.

For some expert advise, give us a call today on 0121 5170 433

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Our Comprehensive Electric Gate Services in Birmingham

At Electric Gates Birmingham, we offer a full range of electric gate services in and around Birmingham. We customise our services to fit our clients’ needs perfectly. With many years experience, we know exactly how to keep your gates in top shape to prevent breakdowns and downtime.

Expert Installation

Our gate installations are well-known for there accuracy and dependability. We have a wide choice of electric gates like  sliding, swing, and cantilever made from sturdy materials.

Electric gates and barriers will boost home and business premises security massively

Preventative Maintenance

Electric gate Maintenance Birmingham is crucial to avoid sudden problems. Our maintenance plans prevent issues from developing, keeping your gates safe and running. We do yearly checks on automatic gates to make them last longer and work better.

Speedy Repairs

When your gates need fixing, our electric gate repair service is quick and efficient. We know how urgent a working gate is, so we act fast to get your gate back in shape. For help right away, call us at

Heres What A Few Of Our Customers Have Said About Us

I called Electric Gates Birmingham as a delivery driver had driving into our gate, stopping it from working! The guys came straight out and made the gate safe, then returned with the parts to get it back in full working order the very next day! Top notch service from these guys!
John Allison
Operations Manager of Hovis
Electric Gates Birmingham installed a new set of swing gates at our property in Coventry.
Me and my husband are so happy with the end result, we absolutely love the look that the gates add to the house
Alicia Potter
Graphic Designer
Been Using Electric Gates Birmingham for a few years now. They are very knowledgeable in the gate world and really do put the customer first. I recommend them to everyone that needs a electric gate service
Edward B. Suarez
Song Writer

Benefits of Automatic Gates Birmingham

Automated gates make life easier and safer for Birmingham residents. They boost security and convenience at homes. This modern feature makes properties more valuable and practical. Let’s look at the advantages of having automated gates.

Increased Security

Home automated gates significantly improve security. They stop intruders by being a tough barrier. By using keypads, card readers, and intercom systems, owners can make their homes even safer. 

Convenience and Ease of Use

Automated gates also bring a lot of convenience. They can be controlled in many ways, like using a mobile app or a button near the gate. This means opening the gate is simple for everyone, even those just visiting. Gates can be made to swing, slide or fold, fitting into any space neatly. They update any home with their modern look and tech.

Commercial Electric Gates: Enhancing Business Security

In Birmingham, it’s critical for businesses to have a secure environment. We offer strong commercial electric gates. They are tailored to provide safety and security for your business 24/7.

Durability and Strength

Our gates are very strong. They are made from top materials like steel and aluminium. They can handle a lot of use and bad weather. You can choose from sliding, swing, or cantilever gates. They really are designed to last a lifetime.

Electric Gates Birmingham, with over 20 years of expertise, serves numerous regions including Birmingham, Worcester and the West Midlands, offering bespoke gate designs in steel, aluminium, and timber.

Furthermore, our gates have advanced technology. They include automation and strong access control. This makes it easier for the right people to get in and keeps others out. It helps keep your business safe.

Custom Solutions

Every business is different, and security needs vary. We create unique gates that fit your company perfectly. They look good and work well. Our team works closely with you at every step. We make sure the gates we design do more than what you expect.

Material OptionsAvailable in steel, aluminium, and timber
Customisable DesignsTailored to fit specific business needs
DurabilityEngineered to withstand high usage
SecurityAdvanced automation and access control

Our services cover the Midlands, from Birmingham to Northampton and more. We do more than just install gates. We make sure your business is very safe. You can trust our custom gate designs. They will help you focus on your business without worry.

The Importance of Electric Gate Maintenance

Making sure electric gates are well looked after is key, no matter if they’re at home or work. This helps keep everyone safe and makes sure the gates work well for a long time. Aluminum, Timber, or Metal Gates, they all need regular care to prevent problems.

Prevent Accidents

Regular checks on electric gates decreases the chance of accidents by a lot. Keeping them greased and well-serviced is crucial for smooth function. With a yearly check-up from Electric Gates Birmingham, dangers can be found and fixed early, giving peace of mind.

Ensure Compliance with Legislation

Following UK laws for electric gates is a must to avoid fines. This includes regular safety and risk checks, especially for businesses and farms. Our maintenance plans make sure your gates are up to standard, keeping your place safe and secure.

Enhance Longevity and Performance

Looking after electric gates well makes them last longer and work better. Regular greasing and servicing stop big problems before they happen. Our plans offer care for all gate types, cutting down on how often you deal with them. Plus, doing this boosts your property’s value by making it more secure.

With a good maintenance plan, you can cut the risk of vandalism by 80% and make sure your gates last a long time. Choosing experts like Electric Gates Birmingham means you get top-notch care for every part of your gate, from safety to performance, ensuring they serve you well for many years.

Installation Process: From Consultation to Deployment

We know the real importance of top-notch security. That’s why, when installing electric gates near me, every step is taken with great care. We blend our vast knowledge of gate systems with close attention to detail. This ensures every client gets a fully personalised service.

Initial Consultation

At the start, we sit down with our clients to figure out their needs and wants. Our team then offers advice on the best gate options. We look at how the gates will fit the look of the property, their level of security, and the budget.

Site Survey and Custom Design

After the first chat, we head to the site and study it carefully. This lets us pick the perfect position for the gates. We make each gate from scratch, making sure they not only look good but also provide strong security.

Professional Installation

In the end, it’s all about the installation. Our experts in Birmingham use the latest tools to fit everything just right. We work hard to meet safety rules and make sure the gates are safe and working well. This dedication means your investment will last for a long time, giving you peace of mind.

Installation ProcessKey ActivitiesOutcome
Initial ConsultationClient engagement, requirement analysis, expert adviceTailored gate solutions
Site Survey and Custom DesignOn-site evaluation, bespoke design creationPerfectly fitted and aesthetically pleasing gates
Professional InstallationPrecise installation, safety complianceDurable and fully operational gates

Tailoring Our Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Electric Gates Birmingham, we focus on what makes your property special. We provide personalised services for its long-term beauty and use. Our work stands out due to the top-notch materials and skilled work of our team. We aim for high quality in everything we do, making sure our customers are happy.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance agreements are made just for you and your property. They take into account how often your gates get used, what your property needs, and your budget. This means you get a plan that keeps your place looking good and your gates working well. It stops problems before they happen and makes everything last longer.

Expert Consultations

In Birmingham, we offer special electric gate consultations that fit your security needs. We check what kind of gates you have and what’s best for keeping your place safe. These meetings are detailed, making sure you are happy with the suggestions and that they meet safety rules. The people giving the advice are certified to work with any type of gate. They make sure everything they do is safe and improves your property’s safety and worth.

Why Choose Us For Electric Gates Birmingham

Choosing Electric Gates Birmingham means looking at quality and skill. We’re known for our excellent services and top materials. Our skilled team is dedicated to making sure our clients get the best.

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians have years of experience, making them experts in their field. They install gates perfectly, meeting and beating all standards. They understand all gate types, from swing to sliding, ensuring every project is done with care.

They make sure your gate works well, giving your property better security and looks.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

We only use the best gates for our clients. This means your gate will be strong and last a long time. You can choose from pretty iron, aluminium, and timber gates that can handle the weather.

For windy areas, we recommend stronger gate operators to keep your gate working well. All our gates are installed with the greatest care. This means you get both safety and beauty.

Getting the right gate means knowing about both how it works and what it’s made of. In the UK, many choose swinging gates for their driveway. Our gates let cars through easily and look good doing it.

So, picking us for your electric gates in Birmingham means you’re getting the best. Residents and business owners alike know they can rely on our skills and quality. Our gates are made and fitted perfectly to improve your property’s security and style.

Call our team at 0121 5170 433. Let’s talk about your needs and see how we can enhance your property. Choosing us means picking a partner who wants to boost your safety and comfort.



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